Zucchini Salad
August 9, 2017

Zucchini Salad August 9, 2017

Zucchini Salad

I have to admit that I’m changing quiet often from location so at the moment I am located in Australia. It’s summer and pretty hot, especially at the Sunshine coast! For that reason I like to combine a warm dish together with something refreshing such as my zucchini salad.

Eating raw zucchini has a lot of advantages. Although it consists mostly out of water, by preparing it raw with its skin it keeps all its vitamins and minerals. I’m highlighting the fact that you need to prepare it with its skin cause it’s in the skin that you’ll find the best out of it. And to be even more precise I’m talking about vitamin A & C and potassium.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor diet salt herbamare


I’m a bit obsessed by potassium, especially because during my stay in Canada almost everything was really really salty. To regulate the sodium level in your body you need to eat more potassium. that’s why I’m always using diet salt when I’m cooking. It still has a salty taste but it just has no sodium in it. Also, I’m often adding cheese in my dishes which has salt in it so I actually need that potassium just to be certain not to have to much salt in my dish and in my body.


Ingredients (4 servings)

  • 3 medium zucchinis
  • 1 yellow capsicum
  • 1 lemon (a big and juicy one, otherwise you’ll need 2 or 3 lemons)
  • 1 lime
  • 2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
  • 2 tbsp red wine vinegar
  • Orange juice (freshly squeezed)
  • Reduced fat feta cheese (topping)
  • 1 1/2 (240gr) cup brown rice
  • pumpkin seeds & shredded almonds (topping)
  • pepper & salt


Wash the zucchinis and capsicum well under cold water.
Grate the zucchinis and capsicum and pour it together in a large bowl.
Squeeze the lemon and lime above the zucchini mixture.
Add the extra virgin olive oil, red wine vinegar, pepper & salt and combine everything very well.
Cover the mixture and let it rest in the fridge for at least one hour so the flavours can be absorbed.
Prepare the rice. While the rice is boiling add the shredded coconut into the water.
In meantime, in a non-stick pan bake the seeds and almonds until golden.
Once dinner is ready, prepare your plate. Arrange some coconut rice on your plate, add the zucchini salad, top with the baked seeds & almonds, reduced fat feta and drizzle with some orange juice.

Good to know

Instead of yellow capsicum you can use carrots. It’s all about preferences.

Nutrition facts

Serving size 1 serving
Energy (kcal) 408,0
Fat (g) 13,8
Saturated fat (g) 5,7
Carbohydrates (g) 55,4
Dietary fiber (g) 3,6
Sugars (g) 5,6
Protein (g) 11,0

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